Project status

September 2019

We have deployed an alpha version of offen that we are currently testing on a few select sites. Usage data is collected and can be accessed by both users and site operators. Users can opt out and delete their data at any time. You can follow the development at

Next up


The next big task from a technical perspective is enabling account creation by third parties. This will allow us to open up a beta version of to select operators and collect their - as well as their user's - feedback.


Once the user interface starts to get less volatile at the end of our alpha test, we will start to add explanations to all of the metrics as well as create additional content to educate users about the privacy measures we are taking and about their implications.


Currently, we are researching the milieu on the topics of privacy and web analytics software in more detail. The aim is to create a selection of opinion leaders, bloggers and journalists who will be invited to test and evaluate.


Our product story is based on three key questions. What makes offen stand out from other offerings in the field? What is the motivation for site operators to implement an open source analytics software that limits the amount of data collected? How can we raise or amplify users' awareness for a respectful handling of their data?


This product story is the starting point for publicity efforts that will start as soon as a beta version is available. They include own blog posts, forum marketing as well as SEO measures.


Development of offen has just started. Do not hesitate to make a contribution and help us handle data with respect.

In the making

offen is still in alpha. Discover what is already up and running and where we want to go in the coming months.

Ethical internet

We're working hard to ensure that offen is independent, cutting-edge and can be sustained for years to come.