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Offen is an open source analytics software for websites and web applications. It allows respectful handling of data for operators and users.

Free & Open

Anyone can audit our open source code to verify it works as intended. Offen will always be available for free.

Fair & Secure

Pay respect to your website visitors and gain insights as a user at the same time. All data is encrypted end-to-end.

Easy to use

Simply paste our code into the source of your website. Users can visit the auditorium to access their data.

In the making

Offen is still in alpha. Discover what is already up and running and where we want to go in the coming months.

Project status


Offen is a web analytics software that gives users access to the data they are generating. Not only operators running sites or applications are given able to use the analytics tools, but also the users themselves are granted access to and ownership of their data.

Usage metrics come with explanations about their meaning, relevance, usage and possible privacy implications. Offen also details which kind of data is not collected. All data can be deleted selectively or in its entirety by the users, or the collection can be disabled altogether.

Offen treats both users and operators as parties of equal importance. Users can expect full transparency and are encouraged to make autonomous and informed decisions regarding the use of their data. Operators are enabled to gain insights while respecting their users' privacy and data.

Offen is currently in the early stages of development and is applying for funds to sustain its development.

Deep dive

Ethical internet

We're working hard to ensure that Offen is independent, cutting-edge and can be sustained for years to come.

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Transparent web analytics

for everyone

January 2020