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Fair web analytics

Let your users access their data. Gain valuable insights at the same time. Open, lightweight, self hosted and free.


Secure & free

Our code is open source. All user data is encrypted end-to-end. Offen will always be available for free.

Self hosted

Comply with GDPR guidelines. No ads, no third parties involved. Offen uses first-party cookies only.


Fair & by choice

Opt-in only. Users must actively give their consent to data collection. They have full access to their data.

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We are happy to work with NLnet Foundation, which actively supports our efforts as part of its Next Generation Internet initiative.

Insights in an ethical way

Web analytics is still an unfair and impenetrable business. A proper alternative to common tools is missing. Therefore we develop one. Learn more


Your job


Self host Offen in compliance with GDPR guidelines.

Integrate the code snippet into pages you want to track.

Make your users aware of the ability to access their data.

Improve your service with fair and transparent insights.

Benefits for your users


Opt in to data collection or decide to not participate at all.

Review own data with detailed explanations of metrics and terms.

Opt out completely at any time or only delete existing usage data.

What you see

Data of all pages where your Offen installation is active.

For example



Unique users


Unique sessions

Top pages

What your users see

Data of all pages a user has visited where your Offen installation is active.

For example


Unique website


Unique sessions

Top pages

More features


Easily analyze multiple websites within one installation.

All website accounts can be shared within teams.

User data is only stored for 6 months and then deleted.

A detailed documentation on how to run Offen is available.

Try as user

Offen is installed on this website. Access your actual usage data now.


Essential metrics

All important statistics that help you to improve your service. Collected without violating the privacy of your users.

Real time


Page views and users


Key metrics


Top pages


Weekly retention



Offen is currently available in English, German and French.

Our consent banner and the Auditorium for operators as well as users can be displayed in the respective locale.


Contributions welcome

Support fair web analytics by contributing Spanish, Portuguese and other language versions. Feel free to request an invitation to our translation workflow.

You are invited to collaborate on other areas of the application as well. Check out our in-depth developer guide.

Make a difference

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Fully self hosted
Open Source code
Data can be exported
Users can see and manage own data
Opt-in only data collection

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