Offen is a fair, open and self hosted web analytics tool that treats operators and users as equal parties.

Laying the foundation for fair web analytics | Offen
12 Dec 2019, Hendrik Niefeld

Episode One — Laying the foundation for fair web analytics

Milestone 1 is completed. This is what we've achieved in the last six weeks.

Extension through middleware

We have further refined the existing application architecture to make it more robust and accessible to both contributors and people who want to build upon Offen. As a developer, you can transparently control additional behavior by adding or removing middleware.

Easy to test drive

Download a single binary file and run it on your local computer to get an Offen instance up and running immediately. At the moment this setup only supports Linux. Windows and MacOS will follow soon.
Download binary

Develop without complex setup

Docker and Docker-Compose are the only hard requirement for you to develop Offen. We have successfully tested this setup under Linux, Windows and MacOS. Head over to our wiki for instructions how to get the setup up and running.
Open wiki

Lightweight and accessible interfaces

The Auditorium is ready for a dry run. It's a functional prototype for accessing and managing user data. We opted for Choo as the application framework and Tachyons as the CSS framework.

Ready to localize

You can now localize all user-related content in server- and client-side applications. At the moment English is the only supported locale, but we would be happy to add more locales soon. Contributors wanted after milestone 3 is completed.
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Read the docs

The work on our wiki has started. Including documentation for developers as well as for website operators who want to deploy and run Offen.

No reverse proxy required

We have further hardened and improved the HTTP server that Offen exposes. If you want to, you can already expose this server to the Internet without having to run a reverse proxy in front of it.

Up next

Episode Two — Collecting data securely will feature user opt-in, userland cryptography, meaningful statistics and much more. We'll be right back.

Deep dive

Interested in the details? Want to get your hands dirty? Head over to our GitHub repo.
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