A truly privacy focused Matomo alternative

  • Users actively give their consent to collection of data.
  • They can delete it or opt out at any time with full data access.
  • Offen is open source, lightweight, self hosted and free.

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Matomo alternative

Why an alternative?

There is room for improvement with Matomo's decisions regarding privacy.

  • Consent is practically a preset. By default, Matomo only offers an opt-out feature.
  • Access to usage data is not automated and tedious.

The installation and daily operation of Matomo is quite complex.

  • Many system dependencies have to be pre-installed.
  • The tracking script used is very extensive and delays the loading of pages.

Balanced between operator and user

Offen is a web analytics tool that treats operators and users as equal parties.

  • Offen's default is to NOT collect any data. Usage data is collected after opt-in only.
  • Users have full access to their data. They can delete it any time or opt out completely.
  • With all essential metrics you can gain valuable insights in an ethical way.
Offen metrics Offen metrics

Time to change

Run your own free and lightweight web analytics.

  • Offen is fully open source and will always be available for free. No “Pro Plans” lurking.
  • You self host and don’t transfer any data to third parties.
  • The installation is relatively simple and the tracking script is reduced to a minimum.
  • Detailed documentation assists with the installation and daily operation.

Make a difference.